once upon a time i wrote a poem

15. června 2008 v 22:41 | mickey is way too sassy |  in english, please
Cry yourself to sleep
My eyes don't wanna see
That it means nothing
To you and me
so what is it gonna be?
How would the story start?
Maybe once upon a time?
But can we stand another lie?
You coloured my dreams
But we don't know how it feels
Your voice is near my ear
And my eyes dropped another tear
Lay your body next to mine
Maybe the stars could allways shine
Open your eyes
I'm under the disguise
Trust me, if I haven't got you
I would get lost without you
But do you think it's all right?
Dreaming about nothing every night

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1 addict addict | Web | 16. června 2008 v 17:23 | Reagovat


2 Cocco Cocco | 18. června 2008 v 18:07 | Reagovat

dreaming about YOU every night :(..hezký ;) je bezva že dokážeš psát básničky v ajině ;)

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